Investigation of soil water retention effects of wood-biochar application on a tropical Ferralsol and reflects on Eucalyptus urograndis growth


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Ricardo Trippia Dos Guimarães Peixoto , Alisson Marcos Fogaça , Ariane Lentice De Paula , Eduardo Augusto Agnellos Barbosa , Neyde Fabiola Balarezo Giarola

The incorporation of wood-biochar into the soil, which is prevenient of the pyrolysis of wood, has been shown as a sustainable alternative to improve its physical attributes, augmenting water availability. This effect benefits Eucalyptus plantation in rainfed condition, since water scarcity suppress gas exchanges and growth. Thus, the aims of this study were to avail the effects of wood-biochar incorporation on a Ferralsol used to cultivate Eucalyptus urograndis. Soil water retention curve, leaf gas exchanges and morphology of E. urograndis cultivated under the absence and presence of 1 kg plant-1 of wood-biochar were investigated. The experiment was conducted in São Jerônimo da Serra, Parana, Brazil. Soil cores were collected three months after transplantation of seedlings for density trace, with no significant differences. However, at nine months after transplantation, a second observation of soil values revealed that field capacity and total available water were suppressed in 16 and 27%, respectively when biochar was present. At three, six and twelve months after transplantation, leaf gas exchanges were insensible to biochar application, as well as height, diameter at breast height and volume of trees at eighteen months. The investigation evidenced that, until the moment, biochar had a negative influence on water availability with no impact on plants. Nonetheless, further investigations might reveal different results under larger time among observations.

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Foto do Usuário Anna Hoffmann Oliveira 09-02-2021 12:50:35

Trabalho bem feito, parabéns! Vale uma continuação para análises futuras.

Foto do Usuário Andressa Cristhy Buch 09-02-2021 12:50:35

the organization and understanding of the text are scientifically satisfactory

Foto do Usuário Ariston Da Silva Melo Júnior 09-02-2021 12:50:35

Boa pesquisa e bons fundamentos científicos empregados na analise e discussão científica.